Extract Unlimited Leads From Facebook Likes, Comments, Communities, & Message

Now a days facebook is massively used for promoting businesses. But its too hard to manage and extract every lead manually. With socrum You can simply create hot leads and initiate conversations by sending template messages which you would be creating and managing in the CRM. We scrape the audiences from facebook groups, likes, comments, messages, friends to reach out to more leads at scale.Socrum guarantees 100x more appointments with lesser efforts.

Socrum is the best tool for you if you have excellent social selling strategies. With just one click how easily you can scrape your audience from facebook. When you ended up scraping audience from facebook you will have a socrum dashboard where you can easily construct pipelines and turn your hot leads into potential customer

Frequently asked questions

How can I use your tool?

You can easily Install extension from Google store. And avail the exclusive benefits of socrum.

How many audiences can I scrape?

You can scrape unlimited audiences.

When would you make it available for other platforms like Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram?

After getting a massive response for facebook, Now socrum has been launched Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram. Enjoy the new features.

Can I get blocked for using your extension?

Not likely, we just use your logged in profile and we simply auto-scroll and send data to our cloud solution to create your audience. So there is nothing that voilates platform policies.

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